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Plaster & Drywall Repair

Drywall forms the aesthetic bones of your home or business. But everyday wear and tear causes unsightly dings, gouges, chips, and dents that detract from the overall look. And holes in drywall can welcome unwanted moisture and pests. Outside air can flow through openings, threatening energy efficiency. Add in seasonal moisture and structural settling, and you could even be dealing with rotten or cracking walls or ceilings. 

At Pro Finish, we’ve seen every sort of drywall issue that’s common to Northeast Ohio and are prepared to fix them all, from minor repairs to major renovations. So whether you’re selling your home or business, or just updating it for a more modern feel, give us a call. Drywall repair could seem more cosmetic than structural, and you might be tempted to handle the job yourself; but without the right tools, materials, and know-how, you could end up spending more time, money, and energy than you’d like.

After an initial consultation to assess the work and discuss specifics, we’ll then schedule your job and order supplies. Drywall professionals will arrive at your home or business promptly with supplies on hand, ready to work, keeping you informed along the way. After completion, we’ll clean up the job site and help you get things back up and running. Every job is different, but your satisfaction and peace of mind are always our ultimate goal.

Everyone specializes in something–drywall and painting are what we do. So if your home or business could use a drywall overhaul, consider Pro Finish Painting and Drywall. We are your bonded, licensed, and insured local experts and have been in the business for decades. Our work speaks for itself, and we’re always looking to outdo ourselves. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can take your drywall project to the next level!